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Home » 13 Secret Walmart Clearance Tips You’ll Want to Keep to Yourself!

13 Secret Walmart Clearance Tips You’ll Want to Keep to Yourself!

    13 Secret Walmart Clearance Tips You'll Want to Keep to Yourself!

    Walmart is proud of its “Everyday Low Price” promise and the many low-cost items it sells.

    But if you want more than just an “Everyday Low Price,” you can save even more money on Walmart clearance items if you know where to look.

    Here are 13 hidden clearance hacks that will blow your mind and save you money at Walmart. Let’s get started!

    Use the Walmart app to find hidden clearance deals. 

    Use the Walmart app to find hidden clearance deals. Items on clearance at Walmart will have a yellow sticker with the discounted price on it. Even though this lower price is probably already a good deal, it’s easy to see if there’s a better one.

    Open the barcode scanner in the Walmart app on your phone and scan the barcode on the yellow sticker. The item you found on sale in the store will show up online, probably at an even better price.

    This is because most of the time, the prices on are lower than the prices in stores.

    Use the Walmart website to find hidden clearance deals

    It can be pretty boring to look through the Walmart website for the best deals. But did you know that you can search for only items that are on sale?

    Just type “clearance” into the search bar to find the deals that are hidden on the website. Right away, every item on sale on the website will show up. And if you want to find something, in particular, use the sidebar to narrow your search.

    You can also look for items on sale that are in a certain price range. For example, if you want to find items on sale for $10 or less, all you have to do is type “clearance under $10” into the search bar.

    Find clearance prices that are cheaper under the clearance tags

    Those yellow clearance stickers might indicate a good deal, but it has been found that Walmart sometimes puts even lower markdown prices underneath them.

    Not every clearance item at every Walmart will be like this, but it’s always worth a look.

    Price Match Hidden Clearance Items At The Checkout

    When you find a lower price on the Walmart app for an item on sale in the store, take the item and your phone to the register.

    Walmart’s price match policy no longer lets you match competitor prices in-store, but they will match the price of identical items on their website and app.

    Customers of Walmart can also match prices on, which is a great way to get clearance items that aren’t on sale at Walmart.

    Know when to look for the Clearance Items

    Items that Walmart wants to get rid of are usually marked down in the first five days of the month. They will stay marked down until they are sold. So always be ready to save money at the beginning of the month.

    Price tags can tell you when prices will go down.

    Just look at the price tag to see if a clearance item’s price is going to go down even more.

    A “5” or a “0” at the end of a yellow clearance sticker means that the price has been cut for the first time.

    So, it’s likely that it will fall even more over time. But a price that ends with a “1” means that it has been marked down to its lowest possible level.

    Find full-price items with hidden clearance prices

    If you use Walmart’s app to scan an item, it doesn’t even have to have a yellow clearance sticker for it to be in the Walmart hidden clearance section. You can scan any item in any Walmart, and the app will probably show a price drop for it.

    Don’t Forget To Get Free Delivery

    Once you’ve found the items at your local Walmart that has a hidden clearance price, you can order them all at once through the app or website.
    And if the total of your order is more than $35, you can have them sent right to your door for free.

    Pick the right time to buy hidden clearance items

    Even though you can buy these items at a discount in-store, Walmart has the right to only match prices on one item per customer per day. So you’ll have to think carefully about when you buy things.

    Find the best deals that are hard to find, and if you miss them the first time, you can always come back the next day.

    Items on sale could be hiding in plain sight.

    When you’re looking for specific items at the best prices, you should look outside of the clearance section. Keep an eye out for the end caps of aisles, where there will be a lot of items on sale.

    Use social media to find things on sale at Walmart

    Searching on social media is a great way to find good clearance deals at Walmart. Many people post what they find on hashtags like #walmartclearance, often with a link to the product and the store where they found it.

    Just keep in mind that clearance deals will be different in different places.

    Check to see if your store has anything on sale.

    If someone posts about a great deal in the Walmart clearance hashtag, but you’re not sure if it’s in your store, you can check online.

    All you need is the product’s SKU number, which you can find by searching for it on the Walmart website. The eight-digit number at the end of the URL for a product is the SKU.

    Just go to BrickSeek, type in the item’s SKU number and your zip code, and it will tell you if that item is on sale at a Walmart near you.

    Ask around to find the best sales.

    No matter how good you are at saving money, the best people to ask about Walmart’s clearance deals are the people who work there. They’ll know where to look for those hard-to-find clearance items that are hidden.

    Ask a Walmart salesperson where you can find great deals on items in a certain department.

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