Are Walmart Online Prices is Same As In-Store?

People mostly think that buying things online is cheaper… But this isn’t always true. It depends on what you buy and where you shop.

Because of this, I wanted to find out if Walmart’s prices online and in stores are the same. Here’s what I found out!

Are Walmart Online Prices The Same As In-Store In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart’s online prices can sometimes be more expensive or less expensive than the prices in stores. Since is run differently than its stores, prices for electronics, groceries, clothes and other items can be very different.

Read on to find out how Walmart’s online and in-store prices are different and how to save money!

Why are the prices on different from the prices in stores? is run by a separate company from Walmart stores, which is one of the main reasons why prices online are so different from prices in stores.

Also, products sold on are kept in fulfilment centres instead of stores, so it’s up to to lower their online prices to get rid of their extra stock.

Because of this, prices on can be different from those in stores. This also works the other way around, as a Walmart store may sell its extra stock for less than it would cost online.

Even Walmart admits this by putting prices for some items on their website with either an “online” price or an “in-store” price.

Since prices can be different in-store and online, it’s important for customers to know about Walmart’s hidden sales and how to compare prices online and in-store.

Are Walmart Prices The Same In All Walmart Stores?

No, prices may be different from one Walmart store to the next because each store is in charge of its own inventory.

So, store managers might lower the price of a product to get rid of an item they have too much of, give customers a discount in the store, or compete with other stores in the area.

Because of this, prices at different Walmarts can be very different, and shoppers can’t compare prices between Walmarts, which is a shame.

How to make sure you’re getting the best deal in-store or online
Walmart will match the base price of items sold online at and that are the same as items sold in Walmart stores if you’ve seen a price difference in-store or online.

Are Walmart Online Prices is Same As In-Store?

To do this, the customer must first tell a Walmart employee how much the item costs. Also, the item must be in stock on and be the same model, colour, and brand.

Walmart has the right to look into the price and availability of the same item at any time.

Also, if you’re on and see that a product is cheaper at your local store, you can call the Walmart Customer Care number and ask for an online price match.

See our full guide on how to match the prices on Walmart’s online store to see the whole process.

You can also download the Walmart app while you’re in the store to find out an item’s “real price,” since it might be on sale on

Walmart or Amazon? Who is cheaper?

It is hard to say which one is less expensive because it mostly depends on what you are buying. In 2018, researchers compared 50 identical products from many different categories and found that Amazon’s prices were 10.37% higher than Walmart’s.

When you compare the prices of their online shopping delivery memberships, Amazon Prime is a little bit more expensive than a Walmart+ membership. A year’s worth of Amazon Prime costs $119, while a year’s worth of Walmart+ costs less, at $98.

Overall, Walmart’s prices online and in stores are pretty close to each other, even though some items have different prices. There aren’t huge price differences between things that Walmart sells online and things that it sells in its stores.

To make sure you’re getting the lowest prices at Walmart, you can check out our guides to see if Walmart’s price matches and other stores like Home Depot, GameStop, Staples, and Best Buy. You can also check out our guide on what to do if Walmart has the wrong price.

In 2022, does Walmart match Staples’ prices?

Yes, Walmart will match Staples’ price in 2022 as long as the brand, size, colour, model, and a number of items are the same. Also, customers can only price-match products from with those from, and Walmart Customer Care is the only one who can do this.

Read on if you want to know everything about Walmart’s price match guarantee.

How do I get Walmart to match the price of my staples?

Since Walmart only matches prices on its website, you’ll need to go to first. Then, you can call Customer Care to ask for a price match with

Second, make sure that has the same product, including the same brand, model, colour, and size.

Also, you should gather specific product names, codes, and prices so that your request goes through easily.

Once you have this information and have called Walmart’s Customer Care, a Walmart employee will decide whether to verify the price match before lowering the price.

Does Walmart match the prices of sales at Staples?

No, Walmart doesn’t match the prices of sales at Staples. Because of this, products that have a percentage or dollar discount won’t be checked. This includes sales like closing down, clearance, flash, and limited quantities.

Walmart won’t process requests to match prices during sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week, which happen once a year.

Does Walmart ship for the same price as Staples?

Yes, Walmart’s policy says that it will match any shopping, handling, processing, or hidden fees that charges. But the total cost of the delivery fee cannot be known if the transaction includes items that don’t match.

Does Staples have the same price as Walmart?

Yes, Staples will match the prices of items sold in Walmart stores and on Staples, on the other hand, won’t match the prices of third-party sellers on’s marketplace.

In the same way, Staples can only match items that are sold at both stores and are the same. Also, Staples doesn’t match Walmart’s prices when there are seasonal sales, Gift Cards, coupons, or deals without a set price.

For more information, you can also read our posts about whether or not Walmart prices match those of Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

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