How To Transfer Walmart Gift Card Balance to Another Card?

Walmart has become one of the largest retail firms in the United States during the past few years. It is one of the stores that offer gift cards, which may be redeemed for cash like the majority of gift cards from other firms.

These gift cards have become one of the most popular items that can be given as a present. However, the issue typically occurs when it comes to obtaining cash from them. Or by moving them to a payment service like PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App.

In order to walk you through the process of transferring a Walmart gift card Balance to Cash App, my team decided to write this article. In addition, we will offer you further essential information regarding how this can be accomplished. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart Gift Card Balance

A Walmart gift card is usually a form of prepaid card that can also be used as a method of payment for purchases made at a variety of locations including retail stores, restaurants, petrol stations, online businesses, and a wide variety of other establishments. The amount of money that is often loaded onto them varies according to the type of card that is being used. Typically, however, they have the cash already loaded onto them. A Walmart gift card, in addition to being directly used for making purchases, can also be exchanged for cash at any Walmart location.

There is no change caused by the Walmart gift card. In the same way as other gift cards, they can be redeemed for merchandise and used as a form of payment at Walmart. Additionally, there are many different sorts, and the one you receive is determined by the amount of money that is loaded onto your Walmart gift card.

What Does It Mean To Transfer A Walmart Gift Card Balance To Cash App?

When you move the cash or amount of money that was loaded onto your Walmart gift card into your Cash App account, this is referred to as transferring a Walmart gift card balance to Cash App. This is a very straightforward process.

The method of adding funds to your Cash App with your debit card is exactly the same as it is under regular circumstances. On the other hand, you are merely making use of your Walmart gift card in this scenario.

Is It Possible To Transfer Money From A Walmart Gift Card To The Cash App?

There is a transfer option available for Walmart gift cards within the Cash App. Gift cards can typically be transferred just like any other type of gift card. That is to say, they have to act as a go-between for this transaction in order for it to take place and be successful.

Requirements Of Transferring A Walmart GiftCard To Cash App

Transferring money from a Walmart gift card balance to the Cash App, like the vast majority of other items, is subject to certain criteria. Even if there aren’t that many of them, here are a few that are important for you to be aware of.

  • Your Walmart gift card must still be active in order to be used.
  • Your Walmart gift card must already have money loaded onto it.

How To Transfer Walmart GiftCard to Cash App

As I mentioned earlier, you are going to need the assistance of a third party in order to transfer money from a Walmart gift card to the Cash App. And in this particular scenario, the middleman is PayPal.

Following are the procedures that must be taken in order to successfully transfer a Walmart gift card balance to Cash App via PayPal.

Walmart Gift Card Balance
  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Add card.
  • Enter your Walmart gift card details.
  • Click on Add card.
  • Navigate back to the homepage.
  • Click on send money.
  • Enter amount.
  • Enter your Cash App payment details.
  • Choose “Gift card balance”. as the payment method

Not only are you able to move money from your Walmart gift card into your Cash App using this method, but you also do away with the requirement of having a bank account or credit card in your possession.

Where Else Can I Use My Walmart Gift Card Apart From Cash App?

You can use your Walmart gift card balance on Cash App, but you can also use it directly at Walmart stores, either online or in-person. This is in addition to the fact that you can use your Walmart gift card on Cash App. Alternatively, you might use it to make a payment on PayPal in the same way that we did when we transferred money into the Cash App account.


Is it possible for me to use the Cash app to send money to other people using my Walmart Gift Card?

Through the usage of the Cash App, you are able to send money to other people using your Walmart gift card. Despite the fact that this would not be done in a straightforward manner.

Nevertheless, it is conceivable, particularly if you make use of a third-party processor like PayPal as I did just now. It is also acceptable to use your bank account.

Will making a transfer using my Walmart GiftCard result in my Cash App account being banned?

To begin, Cash App does not actually permit you to put money into your account using your Walmart gift card. This is the first thing to note. at the very least, not without the help of a third party like PayPal or any other organization of your choosing. Therefore, your account is protected, and even if you make an attempt to have yourself banned, you will not be punished.


It is essential that this point be made perfectly clear: you cannot “directly” transfer your Walmart gift card balance into your Cash app. This cannot be stressed enough. However, you will require the assistance of some third parties, specifically PayPal in this instance.

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