10 Famous American Foods For Dinner

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1. Meat Loaf

Meatloaf is contemporary American dish. This is quite popular as most famous American foods for dinner.

2. Texas barbeque

All mouth feels with water while we talk about barbecue. It is not comfortable to make to all. Intact this can be cook at anywhere, in the kitchen or outside kitchen.

3 Apple pie

Apple Pie is like and heart dish of America. And of course who don’t like this mind-blowing dish to eat. Apple pie crust is always keep golden to attract foodies more.

4. Backed potato and peas

This is one of the best mouth melting recipe. Unpeeled potatoes are goes into oven to make it semi cook. Then they cut it into half and give a shell shape. 

5. American Cheese Burger

Yes of course, Cheese is not negotiable ingredient in this burger. This is most popular amongst foodies. Good thick patties are most important part of American cheese burger.

6. Chicago style pizza

This is also known as deep dish pizza. Many pizza styles were developed in Chicago and this is one of the best of them. This pizza is made in characteristically high edge dish.

7. Classic Hotdog

Hotdog is most famous American foods for dinner. Like other dishes hotdog’s ownership is claims by USA. Sausage is the key essential ingredient of classic burger. 

8. BLT (sandwich)

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes. Yes, most famous American foods for dinner BLT is made of these three key ingredients. It is most famous sandwich of all American.

9. Tacos

Classic Tacos are original innovation of Mexico. It is always convenient to eat. It has base of tortilla. Tortilla is basically made of corn or wheat flour.

10. Fried chicken and waffles

This American dish is specially served in many restaurants. This is a combination of fried chicken and waffles. They let chicken fry with some lip smoking seasoning and make its texture crunchy.

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