Top 15 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Walmart

Walmart takes great pleasure in the fact that it can provide one of the broadest conceivable selections of items and services to the millions of customers who shop there daily.

However, due to the extensive selection of goods available, Walmart is frequented by a significant number of shoplifters.

You might be curious as to which things are taken the most frequently at Walmart. Some of these might even take you by surprise! I have compiled all I have learned into this one handy list!

1. Cosmetics

Surprisingly, cosmetics are commonly stolen from stores such as Walmart, most likely because they are relatively easy to conceal.

Products like lipsticks and other little make-up items are very easy to conceal in pockets and bags since they do not leave a visible imprint that may be used to identify the owner.

2. Portable Electronics

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Because of their perceived value, electronic goods present an especially high risk for theft when they are taken from stores. Again, the most frequently stolen types of gadgets are the ones that are more compact and can be concealed with relative ease.

Shoplifters are more likely to steal smaller, less expensive devices that are displayed openly since larger, more valuable electronics are typically kept behind closed doors in Walmart stores.

3. Packed Meats

It seems impossible, but in all actuality, it is the case. At this point, stealing involving stolen meat has been a common practice for more than 20 years.

It is not apparent why the item is so well-liked among those who steal from stores….

4. Alcohol

Again, this is often the case with more costly alcohol, which tends to come in smaller containers. This makes the containers less noticeable when they are slid into a bag or pocket because the containers are smaller.

5. Cell Phone Accessories

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It is simple for a shoplifter to conceal valuables on their person, including cell phone accessories such as chargers and cases. Phone cases, in particular, are very easy to conceal because they may be put on a customer’s device while they are still in the store.

6. Baby Formula

Despite the fact that there is a potentially high resale value for baby formula, it is still unknown why so many shoplifters choose to steal this product. However, my research has demonstrated that there is an opportunity for a profit to be earned from stealing baby formula.

7. Sunglasses

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This could be because a shopper can very easily go up to a glasses section, put on a pair, and walk straight out of the store!

8. DVDs, Blu-rays, and Video Games

These are not just profitable because they can be concealed in pockets and bags with relative ease but also because they are typically rather pricey.

9. Razor Blades

Razor blades are now kept safe behind closed doors at several supermarket stores, including Walmart, so if you go to one of those stores or any number of others, you might find that the doors are shut.

This is because shoplifters considered them an extremely desirable item for a considerable amount of time.

10. Over The Counter Drugs

The majority of the blame for this one can be placed on the fact that it is so challenging to get to them!

Because they are more difficult to obtain in the store, over-the-counter drugs would have a higher price elsewhere.

11. Cigarettes

Again, these must be picked up over the counter, and they are not allowed to be sold to anyone under the age of 21. As a result, you should be able to negotiate a fair price for them outside of the store!

12. Jewelry

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This is something that can be readily concealed in pockets and bags, and once taken outside of the store, it will bring in a significant amount of money.

13. Sporting Goods

Because sporting goods can often be quite pricey, the thought of stealing them from a store may sound appealing to some people.

14. Jeans

Jeans have historically been one of the most sought-after items by shoplifters, and they were once routinely taken from changing rooms. They continue to be well-liked right up to this very day!

15. Swimsuits

These are simple to conceal in bags and pockets, which makes it very simple to steal them.

Which Walmart Store in the United States Has the Highest Rate of Shoplifting?
Naturally, this is not the most prestigious award that can be given out by any store. Several Walmart locations across the United States have been given this designation, which is quite unfortunate.

There is no single establishment that can claim to be “the most shoplifted,” however establishments in Westwood, Cincinnati, and the Walmart in Mankato, Minnesota, which owns the title of “the most shoplifted store in that area,” are examples of locales that have a high rate of shoplifting.


How much does it cost for a key to be made at Walmart?

At a Minute Key kiosk, getting a copy of your key will be cheap, but the price will depend on the type of key you want and how many copies you want. When you buy key copies at a Minute Key kiosk, you can expect to pay between $1.50 and $5 per key, depending on your order.

What does Walmart do if someone steals?

When someone steals from Walmart, do they call the police? Even though theft policies and practices vary from store to store, Walmart will often call the police on shoplifters. If you are caught shoplifting at Walmart, a loss prevention officer may keep you there until the police arrive.

How does Walmart know if you steal?

“With the TC devices, Walmart can see everything you’re buying, how much you’re buying in total, and how much each item costs.” If an employee thinks a customer is stealing, they can reportedly use the devices to stop the checkout process, making it look like a frozen screen to the customer.

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