Walmart Discount Card: Its Benefits & Lifetime Access

In the 1980s, in order to show his gratitude for all of the hard work that his associates put in, Sam Walton came up with the idea of the Walmart Associate Discount Card.

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Advantages of Having a Walmart Discount Card and the Discounts They Provide In the year 2022, Walmart will begin providing its employees with a discount card that entitles them to 10% savings on both fresh food and general products. Discounts on travel, phone services, and entertainment are just some of the perks available to Walmart employees through the usage of this card. A lifetime discount card is also made available to Walmart employees who have been with the company for a period of twenty years or more.

Continue reading if you want to find out more information on the Walmart employee discount card, including its eligibility requirements and the rewards it offers.

When Will I Get My Walmart Discount Card?

You will become eligible for Walmart’s Associate Discount Card on the 91st day of your employment at Walmart. With this card, you will have access to savings both in-store and online through Walmart’s Associate Discount Center.

How To Use Walmart Discount Card In-Store? 

You can use your discount card in-store at any Walmart register by swiping it in the card reader after you have first registered it with your Walmart online account.

In addition, employees are eligible for a 10% discount on electronics, provided that the items are still being sold at their regular price and have not been discounted previously.

Should I Activate My Walmart Discount Card Before Using It?

You will need to register your card in order to take advantage of employee discounts. To achieve this:

  • Sign in to your online account at Walmart.
  • Input your WIN (Walmart Identification Number).
  • Please enter the discount card number here.
  • Your account will be credited with the appropriate amount of the discount automatically.

How Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card on the Website?

The following are the requirements to qualify for the Walmart Associate Discount when shopping online:

  • Proceed to the Walmart website right now.
  • Make use of the search box to locate the page labeled “Associate.”
  • Please enter your Associate identification number.
  • Click continue.

When you have finished going through these procedures, you will be logged in to your Associate account, and any purchases that you make during this session will be eligible for employee discounts.

Are Other Members of My Family Allowed to Use My Walmart Discount Card?

You and your partner-in-law will be able to share the discount card you have been given. If you are married, you will be able to submit an application for a Walmart credit card for your spouse through your online Walmart account.

Your dependents, in the event that you have any, will be able to make use of your discount card. In order to be considered an eligible dependant, your child must be either 19 years old or younger and unmarried or 22 years old and unmarried if they are still enrolled in an accredited college or university.

What Is Walmart’s Associate Discount Center and How Does It Work?

The Walmart Associate Discount Center is an online site that allows Walmart associates to get discounts on a vast variety of products. These discounts include bargains on travel, fitness, entertainment, phone plans, and many other types of services and products.

The Associate Discount Center, in contrast to the associate discount card, which is exclusively valid at Walmart stores, features a variety of brands that are offering deals that have been negotiated by Walmart and are only available to Walmart associates.

Can You Use Your Walmart Discount Card Anywhere?

You are able to use your card at any Walmart location in the United States, as well as any Walmart location in Puerto Rico, as well as at

Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card After Quitting?

When you hand in your resignation to your employer, the company will remove all of your information from the system. The card’s functionality will be terminated as soon as you are removed from the system.

It is possible that your employer will keep you on the payroll for some time after you have left the company. Your card will continue to be registered throughout this time, and as a result, you will be eligible to get an employee discount.

How Can I Get A Walmart Discount Card For Long-Term Service?

The Long Term Service Discount Card entitles you to discounts on purchases made at Walmart during your entire life. You will need to have worked at Walmart for a total of 20 straight years in order to qualify for the Long Term Service Discount that they offer.

You will be eligible for a Long Term Service Discount Card if you are 55 years old or older when you retire and have worked at Walmart for 15 years or more in a row before retiring.

What Are the Steps to Changing or Replacing My Discount Card?

In the event that you misplace your discount card, you are obligated to inform your personnel manager of its loss or theft. You will also need to incorporate this information into the Associate Discount page on your website.

In addition, if your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can report it by calling the Benefits Customer Service Team at the number (800) 421-1362.

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Being a member of the Walmart workforce comes with a variety of advantages. The purpose of this quick tutorial was to guarantee that you are maximizing all of the benefits that are available to you. The Associate Discount card provides staff members with a discount of 10% on both perishable goods and general products.

It is redeemable both in-store and on the internet. If you worked for Walmart for a significant amount of time, you might be qualified for a lifetime discount, which means that you could continue to enjoy financial benefits even after you’ve left the company.

The Associate Discount Center is yet another excellent perk that Walmart employees receive as part of their employment. This center provides employees with access to amazing discounts on a wide variety of products and services, including vacation packages, entertainment discounts, cell phone offers, and a lot more besides.

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